A Florida native, Colton McKenna has performed throughout the eastern U.S. since the late 90s. Born from an interest in rock, reggae, folk, blues, country, jazz, and classical, his style is a unique blend of percussion and melody. McKenna often performs with a loop pedal and manages to add harmony and depth to his compositions, while maintaining a truly organic sound. Always working on new music, McKenna performs regularly in St. Augustine, FL, where he lives with his wife and three sons.

"First things first, Colton McKenna’s got a great voice. His chosen genre, American folk-rock, is wholly transcended by his rich, sweet vocal, and his songs take on extra emotional depth simply because of the opulent timbre with which they’re sung. To be perfectly frank, if McKenna sang the phone book, I’d still be sorely tempted to purchase the first half dozen volumes. The fact that his songs are almost as good as his voice is a considerable bonus..." -Leicester Bangs Magazine (leicesterbangs.co.uk/sept11-4.html)
"Colton taps in on the deep emotion [a] songwriter means to convey." -First Coast Entertainer

"McKenna’s music is deep and reflective, delivered with passion and sensitivity. His voice floats on a layer of soul-filled grit that seduces the listener into the heart of his songs as only a weathered songwriter can, while his straightforward guitar work perfectly compliments each composition."  -Saint Augustine Underground (staugustineunderground.net/2011/staugustine/news/florida/music-with-soul/2151/)